My name is TUULA KAARINA NIEMELÄ. I was born in Helsinki, Finland December 1944. I am a mother, grandmother, wife and an authorized Continuum Movement teacher.

Theatre and giving birth to art have been closest to my heart ever since early childhood. My first environment was the theatre and I often performed in plays as a child. At four years I decided that I would be an actress when I grew up -- but I didn`t become one. As an adult little by little I started to feel a hunger to express myself artistically, and found a satisfying way through singing and through forms of drama training.

Various body therapies and relaxation methods led me deeper into a sense of the sacredness of the body.

Consciousness of Continuum penetrated my very cells and life in 1987, and has remained with me. Continuum was one of the many introductory workshops on a 3-week trip to California that spring. From the first moment there, I knew: ”This is it!”, and so it has been. It was love at first sight, which has grown into a life commitment.


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