Sexual-, Trauma- and TraumaArt-Therapy
Sexual Therapist 2003 - 2005
As student:
  The drama training weeks of Joutseno Art Summer 1989 – 91
  Stage design, lighting and sound 1992
  Psychophysical Presence training with Jyrki Nousiainen, actor and leading teacher of mime in Finland, 1988 – 93
  Zen Theathre studies and performances 2002. The Trainer Seminar of Self-Esteem for teaching and training, Robert W.Reasoner Marilyn L.Lane, 2000.
  Performing in choreographies by dancer Jukka Virtala 1995--

SenseAwareness Massage with Ginger Clark 1986
  Emotional and Bioenergetic work with Matti Matilainen 1982 - 94
  Rosen Method 1985 --

Holistic Classical Yoga with Timo Myllykangas 1977 --

Musical expression by singing at Studio Lauri Leinonen 1987 --
  private lessons
  performing solos and singing in group productions

solo concerts
  music theatre


performing with a group ( four women ) called ”Siskottomat” ( ”The Sisterless” )
  Studies in Gregorian chants with Igor Rechznikov 1986
  Blues singing 1992

Improvisational singing 1992

Lessons in poetry reading with Elina Ström 1998 –

As Teacher:

Since 1990 I have regularly participated in Continuum Workshops in California and Europe as student, teacher and assistant with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper. I have been teaching Continuum since 1994 as an authorized Continuum Movement teacher since 1999. In 2002 I opened my own Studio Continuum-luonnollinen liike in Helsinki.

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